Pond Clean Outs: How to Clean Out A Neglected Ecosystem Water Feature

Pond Clean Out Needed? How to Fix / Clean Out an Ecosystem / Gravel Pond or Water Feature?

I had “the boys” out to clean out a pond I’ve neglected for NINE years. Sure I did water changes and sometimes I’d clean the filter, but it was pretty neglected. You couldn’t see the gravel in the bottom because of the layer of leaves and mulm.

Two “Johnsons” in my family decided to be pond managers / installers and one’s my son Lock Johnson and one’s my nephew Parker Johnson.

(706) 851-4425
Lock Johnson

Parker Johnson

  • Parker was trained / mentored by Mark Carter in Tennessee. Mark Carter is a Certified Aquascape Contractor with probably 30 years experience.
  • Lock was trained by Pond manager / installer Rich Carter (no relation to Mark) in Marietta at Kol Koi.

So both guys have a lot of high quality experience. They’ve only ever done it right.

In managing the pond in Canton (my shame, 9-years-neglected) I got to see both managers in action. I admired that they took great care with the fish, were cognizant of shooting the liner with pressure washers, avoided illness in the fish through proper handling, and cared for the pond like their own. They know better than to sterilize the pond. And they know how to leave “just enough mulm” to avoid clouding after the cleanout.

I HIGHLY recommend either of these two resources in the Atlanta area. Their pricing is fair and their availability is good, at this time but of course they will be getting busier and busier.

Check out their Facebook pages and websites.